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Интервью для греческому фэн зину...

...Фогготен Скролл.

Сейчас, в отсутствие новостей, думаю будет уместным выложить англоязычный тейп-скрипт интервью - не думаю, что русскоязычным читателям этого блога будет доступен оригинал ;) греческого зина... Тем более, на греческом языке.

Greetings dear friends. Please introduce the band to our readers and share with us some biography notes.

Greetings from Kazakhstan!
Our band comes from the foot of great Tien Shan mountains one of the most beautiful places in the world. ;)
It will be rather difficult to tell about the 10 years history of the band briefly but I’ll try.

Holy Dragons band was created on the 11th of September in 1992 and till 1997 existed under the name Axcess.

The main stylistic direction of the band is in the vein of the traditional British and German Heavy Metal, including the influence of speed, power, techno-trash and other branches of classic metal.

The first full-length album was recorded in 1997 (Dragon Steel). It was rerecorded in 1998 and now this version is available to public. Since 2003 the band was signed by the label "Metalism Records".

So far, we’ve got a big discography. We’ve recorded 9 full length albums and a lot of singles and demos.and was created on the 11th of September in 1992 and till 1997 existed under the name this flae is still burning in our hearts and we swear to keep it alive. Greatest respect to Heavy, Speed, Old School Thrash and Guitar Shred bands!

Tell us about your new album. When it was released and how did the press and the fans receive it?

The newest album of our band was released on November 13th in 2007. The press had a very positive reaction, some of the musical critics even called it “the ideal album of the style during the recent years”.
When we got the feedback from the fans a lot of them said they’d got a culture shock.
This album contains 4 songs composed by our singer Holger Komaroff, two of them are ballads, very lyrical, sincere and beautiful : “Sail of Dreams” and “Footing Point”.
You know we don’t often have ballads on our albums, three previous albums didn’t have them at all.
So, the fans were quite happy about the ballads! ;)

Are there any plans for another recording? Are you preparing your next step?

Well, yes. We’re currently again back into the studio, working on the another album. We plan to record 12 tracks, including two instrumental ones and again 4 Holger’s songs.
The rest is top secret. ‘)

Has the band reached international success? Do you have fans outside the borders of your country?

Yeah we did. We’ve a lot of fans from all over the world., especially in Germany, Poland, Latin America, also we have quite a lot of fans in the USA , Ukraine and Baltic countries.

Tell me some things about the Russian metal scene. Fans, live shows, best bands.

In my opinion the Russian metal scene is in a big crisis now. Still, there are a lot of interesting Pagan and Doom projects. There are decent and worthy bands playing Thrash Metal. But Heavy and Power mainstream is now in shock owing to the position which they themselves got into. It’s because of their own policy for quite a big time range. When since the beginning of this millennium, everybody tended to simplify the material, to make it more “sugary”, staying heavy or power in the form, but being pop music in the content.
When bands thought about cheap popularity, charts, pompous concerts, and about who is more popular. All this gave birth to such a phenomenon as so called “oligarch metal”, when a rich guy comes and buys concert sites, magazine covers for himself. And then he is trying to buy popularity from the fans. I think that this is purely a Russian phenomenon. And those who don’t have such a lot of money are getting mad – oh, gosh! We were outflanked in popularity and there are no our faces on the cover of the current metal magazine!

What concerns bands, I’d like to note ARBITRATOR – old school thrash in the vein of the 80-ties, GAiNA – project of the leader of the famous “Trio KRUIZ”, which split-up in the end of the 80-ties – beginning of the 90-ties and which I consider “Heavy Metal act № 1!” on all the post Soviet territory.
Naturally the best live shows are found in Aria. I have a very positive attitude towards this band, though for me this band has never been a band, which is a source of inspiration, but I don’t like the recent tendency of young Russian bands to abuse this band. People are strongly envious, but they don’t understand that musicians of Aria are old enough to be their fathers and musically they did a lot more than all these bands taken altogether.

What are your influences as musicians and composers and what are your favorite bands?

It’s better to speak about the influence of the “classics of the genre” in general. Beginning from Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and DIO, Britons – Iron Maiden and Judas Priest to Germans – Helloween, Gamma Ray and that will be only the “top of an iceberg”. There are a lot of different influences, a big separate interview can be devoted to that!
What concerns the favorite bands… there are a lot of them… a lot… But if to speak about the “oldest influences” it will be a collection of Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, DIO, Rainbow, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Megadeth, Annihilator, Testament, Helloween, Gamma Ray, Iron Savior, Impellittery, Savatage, Pretty Maids and etc. If to speak about new names I like Nils Patrik Johanson in “Astral Doors” We like many UG bands but to tell the truth the influenced us much much less because before the epoch of Internet in the time when our musical tastes were being formed the recordings of these bands were absent in our region. I don’t say that “Exciter” or “Manilla Road” is worse than, say, “Megadeth”, but at that time one could buy “Megadeth” everywhere, but it was unreal to get the recordings of less known bands.

How would you describe your music to someone that didn’t have the chance to listen to any of your songs?

Fast, exact, technical and honest music.

All your songs are sung in Russian. Will you release any material sung in English in the future?

Yes, in future we have plans to shift completely into English, but now these plans are limited by the very bad pronunciation of our singer. With such pronunciation it would be not serious to do something and still there is no motion in this sphere.

Tell me about your lyrics. Who writes them and what are your songs about?

Many people think that the lyrics of the band is “pure fantasy” or “mighty warriors and dragons” stuff. Yes, some time ago the fantasy component was rather strong but when 90% of groups started to make Xerox copies of their identical fantasy lyrics, such approach lost its actuality. Now we have more “earthly” lyrics, more social, if you’d like, but it is more connected to the conventional human problems, characteristic of any periods and peoples in history. Still there are more concrete songs, about the damaging of the environment by the mega-corporations chasing the hyper profit, about the new redistribution of the world, about the “big brother” teaching other nations how to live accompanied by the demagogic bla-bla-bla about the democracy.

Teen-ages now often don’t think about it when it’s warm and light in their home and they can play video games, they never think that somebody can decide THEIR future, lobbying constructing of environment killing ventures, paying for the international conflicts and ethnical conflicts for the sake of corporate mega income.
I think it’s important to tell them in a bit metaphorical form , form of a song, some things, which are unpopular in our mass media, looking for the cheap sensations. I want young people to think not only about these fairy -tales elves but also what do really these corporations, which promise “golden future” for them, do.

I want them think about the priorities, knowing that on the other end of the free cheese in the mouse trap there is a deathly steel spring. A man can ruin his life by consuming alcohol or drugs but nobody gives him the right to destroy the environment, which then is very difficult to restore.
I mean the lyrics of nowadays HD are sometimes very straightforward, still a very limited public understands them, because of the language limitations. That’s why we’d really like to shift to the English language vocals.

What is the best Holy Dragons album in your opinion and why?

It’s difficult to choose among the albums. I like them all. But if to speak about the most current preferences among our albums I’d to note “Black Moon Rising” most of all, I like the conception of it, it has a very complicated musical structure and a lot of technical developments. It has an interesting blending of styles: speed metal meets techno thrash.
On this album we closely approached the kind of music we’ve always wanted to play.

Why did you choose that name and what does the dragon on your covers represent?

As we geographically live on the crossroads of Europe and Asia, we decided of a symbol, which represents both the cultures. Plus to that Dragons are the most powerful and wise creatures equally respected and honoured as in the West and in the East.
The symbol of Dragon occurs amazingly all around the world. It’s to be found in Europe, among the Celts, in China, and as the Quetzacoatal, “The Winged Serpent” among the Aztecs. In China, the Dragon symbolizes both the spirit world and the union of Heaven and earth. In the West, the Dragon has become a symbol of power and it’s often identified with warriors.

Thank you so much for this interview. The last words belong to you.

“Feel the power of the steel!
We will get the score!
We were born to fight and win
In Glory War!”
(Holy Dragons/Glory War)

Stay True. Heavy, Loud and Proud!
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